About Us

Manifest Publishing specializes in manifesting your awesome book idea into reality.  We are not just a publisher.  Our consultants are interested in you and what stirs your soul.

We know that every author is as unique as the stories we are blessed to read and write.

Whether you want to tell your story to inspire change in the hearts of others or create a strategy to increase your sales and circle of influence, we understand the true power of words.  We have lived the therapeutic roller coaster of writing and publishing our own stories and ghost writing for others so they, too, can tell their story.

If you are all about business, you will have available to you some of the best marketing consultants and business coaches who understand how to appeal to your ideal customer.  We want to help you grow your business.



Founder, Tonja Waring, wrote one of the most profitable newspaper ads ever written.  She understands the power of words and how to say what you need to say to get action from the reader. Meet Our Founder—->>


11Candy-smallPublisher Candy Zulkosky (aka CaZ) shares Tonjaj’s vision for Manifest Publishing. She gets the big picture and she manages the minute details to ensure a successful experience from idea to print for our writer clients. Known as “The Story Teller”, CaZ is committed to helping people unleash the stories they hold inside and bring them into the light of public view. Meet Our Publisher—->>

CaZ leads the Manifest Publishing team members, each of whom is hand-selected based on heart, soul, desire, vision and that undeniable super power that each of us is born with.