“If you ever thought about writing a book and worried your words may not come out right or you do not know where to begin, look no further. CaZ has the gift of words and will take your amazing story and make it magnificent! She is a rock star and will take your book to the top of the charts.”  ~Janiece Rendon, Author Trust the Curves

“I had a rough book in development that I felt would never get done, but the team at Manifest Publishing was able to help me finish it and see it in print. Coaching, editing, cover design and all the steps you need to get your professional looking book in your readers’ hands. Highly recommended!”

~ Charlie Stivers, The Social Security Survival Guide

“We love helping people tell their story and share their passion.  There is something about putting words on paper that releases the soul.”

Book Publishing Mystery

Don’t let the fear or the mystery of publishing your book stop you any longer. We know that writing a book can be a daunting task.  Or, perhaps you have written your book, and you just aren’t sure what to do next. Regardless of where you are in getting your story told, with a little […]