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A desk.  When you are writing, it’s all about the desk. Or is it?  As an avid feng shui practitioner for almost 20 years, I am mindful of how I position myself to write.  And, with the portability of my laptop, sometimes I find that no desk is better than a desk.  I pick the place that makes me feel most comfy and least distracted.

Where we write can make a tremendous impact on how we write.  If we are resisting writing in any way, our mind will find a myriad of ways to get distracted.  Trust me.  I am very aware of this.  Our mind is like a small child wanting to play with all the things that are the “no-no’s” – especially our phones which we look at an average of 300 times a day.  (Yes, you heard me correctly…300 times a day.  That’s approximately 19 times an hour or once every 3 minutes.  Yikes!)

Other studies show that once we are interrupted, it takes approximately 20 minutes to regain our flow of thought. So, the best advice I can offer about getting your book written after finding a comfy spot, is to turn off your phone.  If you sit there with a blank mind staring at a blank screen, then just start to write.  Make your first goal to get 750 words on the page. Any words will work.  Just do it.

Ask yourself what will make your writing happen the easiest for you.  Do you prefer pen and paper? Or, computer?  Should you voice record your book and then have it transcribed?  Do you like to sit at a clean desk where your feel supported?  Or, do you prefer to write sitting in a lounger type of chair? Do you like to look outside? Or, do you get more accomplished looking at a vision wall?  Silence? Or music?

Regardless of you answers, I highly recommend you set a daily time to write.  Get your mind in the flow.  Turn off your phone.  Choose the time of day that you feel your best.  And, take some time to get your writing space set up just right.


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