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A lot of what we do at Manifest Publishing is help you to stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. If you are like many of our authors, you have wanted to publish a book for a very long time. If you are checking out this site, chances are you are ready to get started.

Often, it is only our perceptions of how hard it is to publish a book that turns a rather simple process turn into a gut wrenching, sweaty palm procrastination event that can last up to 10 years or more. Ugh. Who wants to do that?

We do our best to make the process easy and fun. We will publish a book that will make you proud.

And, no two books are alike. Yes, we do follow a proven pattern, but we do not standardize everything because publishing is not a “one size fits all” business, at least it isn’t at Manifest Publishing.

We typically don’t work with authors who are out to create a New York Times Best Seller as their goal. However, we have helped our clients reach #1 Best Seller on Amazon, but that is a different ballgame altogether. Our mission is to publish a book that complements your business and sales process.

Pricing depends on your project and how much we write vs. how much you write. Most often, we coach you through the writing process and then we format the book for publishing. Other times, we ghostwrite the entire book. Or, we gather information from previously written articles, blogs or facebook posts and put it together for you.

No matter what format, one thing is certain. We always start with the end in mind. What result do you want in your business as a direct result of having a book to use for marketing?  And, how can we help?

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