Book Publishing Mystery

Don’t let the fear or the mystery of publishing your book stop you any longer. We know that writing a book can be a daunting task.  Or, perhaps you have written your book, and you just aren’t sure what to do next. Regardless of where you are in getting your story told, with a little commitment each day, you can have your book complete in 90 days. Discover how amazing it feels to be a published author.

Step-by-step Guidance as You Write Your Book

Our Book Writer Success Coaches will guide, support and encourage you every step of the way.  Whether you have your book written and you only need help publishing, or you need a ghost writer to write your story for you, we can step in where you need the most help. Together, we will develop a game plan that makes it easy for us to work together towards your success. We strive to make the experience fun, liberating and successful!

Together, we will develop an outline for your book so it is a reflection of you and your audience. We will work with you to design a cover, and have your book ready for publishing in 90 days or less.

We G*U*A*R*A*N*T*E*E* that you will love it. The level of customization and support that you receive from us is totally up to you.

Consider our Book Writer Success Boot Camp. It’s a virtual course complete with coaching and a professionally designed book cover that will take you from book idea to finished manuscript ready to publish. Learn all that you need to know to become a published author and enjoy the guidance and accountability of a professional book writer success coach. For details and to register for the next session, visit this website:


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